Moonbreaker Early Access Update 5: Beasts and Blooms

Get ready to shake up the board in the latest update to Moonbreaker Early Access.

Grow your Rosters and roar into battle with two brand-new Captains, several new Crew, and tons more ways to make your Moonbreaker experience bloom and grow.

Welcome aboard, Captains

We're adding not one, but two new Captains to this update.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131108.png

Xuna – whose name might seem familiar to those of you that listened to Zax's Story – arrives in The Reaches with her menagerie of robot animals. A 'Beastmaster' of sorts, she can deploy and engage her robots to help control the board and support her crew in a number of ways. With Toltacan ready to attack, Dado on standby for healing, and Majan to cover your tracks with some soft cover, the strategic possibilities are endless.

Want to learn more? Xuna's audio drama is also available with this update. Listen in-game or on your favorite Podcast platform to dig deeper into the world and lore of The Reaches.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131156.png

Meanwhile, Gardner Xo is ready to cultivate. Fertilize the soil of any map and give Crew in-range a speed boost, Nourish gives a health boost, or you can plant Thornvines to create obstacles for your Rivals and send them on the attack. You'll be a real thorn in their side.

Some improvements to Xuna and Gardener Xo's models will be introduced in a future update. So, for now, they are not able to be painted. (We don't want you to lose your incredible and creative designs!)

New Unit, Who's This?

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131230.png

Looking to shake up your Rosters? Look no further!

Five new Units are crashing onto the board with Beasts and Blooms. They're ready to head into battle alongside your chosen Captain.

Pacifier Ohtli (Yi-Aweti): A five Leadership cost, nine health melee Unit. He has the ability to return friendly or enemy Crew to the Bridge. But Pacifier Ohtli will take one damage each time
Dr. Feelbad (Smuggler): A six Leadership cost, 10 health ranged Unit. He can fire their Left and Right gun for a Cinder cost of one (Left) or two (Right). For the next turn, affected Units take one extra damage, per gun used, whenever they take damage.
Fixer (Smuggler): A one Leadership cost, seven health ranged Unit. With Call Favor, they can choose a Crew and give it Infused for three turns (if friendly), or give it a Bounty for three turns (if rival).
Arms Dealer Yuki (Smuggler): A five Leadership cost, nine health ranged Unit. She can use Fire Sale to give each allied Crew in range a single-use grenade, flamethrower or mine.
Whispers (Smuggler): A two Leadership cost, eight health Unit. Use two Cinder on Feel the Music to push away all Units in range. Crew in range also gain Powerless for a turn, rendering their unit ability unusable  

You can also trial Units from the Collection menu. Select the Unit that tickles your fancy and click “Try Me!” to give it a shot and see if you'd like to take them into battle.

Train at the Academy

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131302.png

Hone your strategy skills by completing Tutorials at the Methedori Academy and learn all the intricacies of Moonbreaker! Maximus will guide you through a refined first module and three new training modules to help you get the edge on your rivals.

As you complete each tutorial module, you'll also earn unique rewards to trick out your Roster and much more.

Paint Your Way

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131332.png

Have you ever wanted the deployables to be as customizable as the Units themselves? You're in luck! With this update, you can now paint some deployables to match your sweet paint jobs.

Zax's mines are currently available to paint and customize to your heart's content, with additional deployables (such as Xuna's robot companions) coming soon.

You can even lose yourself more in the painting experience with new environments and backdrops to choose from. Try them out and see if they make your time painting even more zen.

Changes for the Community

Screenshot 2023-04-27 131400.png

But that's not all!

The team has been hard at work improving the game in so many areas, based on continued feedback from the community.

You can now select your map for private games. See where you stand on the new Leaderboard. Plan ahead with improved pathfinding. Create Rosters with more ease. Strategize your next moves with greater accuracy with to added bases to cover. Increased board visibility thanks to adjusted map lighting, Added volume slider for tutorial videos. And much more.

Please keep all of your incredible feedback coming in through Discord, on Nolt, and across social media. We want to make the Moonbreaker experience one you return to over and over again.


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We'll see you in the Reaches!
- Moonbreaker Team