From the creators of Subnautica, a true digital turn-based strategy, tabletop tactics game set in a bold, expansive sci-fi universe. Available in Early Access on Steam.

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Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy, tabletop tactics game developed by Unknown Worlds, the team behind the Subnautica series.  It is designed to be a true digital miniatures experience, set in an expansive sci-fi universe crafted by best-selling sci-fi and fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson.  Through accessible turn-based competitive gameplay, ongoing content releases, and deep customization, Moonbreaker offers a variety of gameplay experiences for all types of players.



    Lead your Units in fast-paced, turn-based encounters with a never-ending variety of gameplay possibilities. Outsmart your opponents through strategic use of Ship Assists, Roster makeup, map knowledge, and more. Compete against other players online or play offline in a variety of challenges. It’s quick to pick up, hard to put down.


    Each Roster consists of Crew, Assists, and a Captain of your choosing.  Each Unit has its own special set of abilities, backstory, and more.  No two Units are alike and no two Rosters play alike.  Building the perfect Roster will take time, experimentation, and practice.  With more than 50 Units, Captains, and Assists at launch – and more added with each Season release – the Roster combinations are endless. 


    Every aspect of Moonbreaker is designed to capture the feel of a physical miniatures game without the real-world limitations.  Play on maps with a stunning diorama look, but none of the cleanup.  Paint your Units using traditional painting techniques (but with an undo button!).  Alternatively, marvel at beautiful alternate paint jobs created by the development team. 


    Let your imagination run wild.  With detailed, constantly evolving painting tools, you can take your Unit customization to the next level.  Custom palettes, beautiful finishes, and professional digital painting tools create the perfect space for blissful player expression.  Add finishing touches with collectable decals, deploy effects, rarity auras, and more.  Participate in Season releases to unlock brand-new limited edition in-game rewards. 


    Hone your Unit Mastery with every passing encounter and earn rewards to prove your skills.  Challenge your skills in single-player Cargo Runs with procedurally generated AI encounters.  Try unique, upgraded abilities in matches that become increasingly more challenging the longer the Run lasts.  Enjoy gameplay that is never the same twice. 


    The world of Moonbreaker is ripe for interaction, mayhem, and conflict.  Crafted in great detail by beloved fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, it is filled with vibrant, diverse characters and cultures.  Discover the Reaches – a tiny solar system with moons held in orbit by a scarce resource called Cinder – through Season Tracks, expansive lorepedia, audio dramas, and more. 


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12-year-old Astra is a child prodigy, exploring the Reaches and learning what it means to be a leader. She rides into battle atop her colorful creature (and best friend) named Furg.

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Tales from the Reaches!

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This fully produced audio drama series explores the world and characters of Moonbreaker, the brand new digital tabletop strategy game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Subnautica, Natural Selection) and from the mind of acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson (The Mistborn Series). Experience the Reaches through a series of unique stories that feature a diverse cast of characters, both new and familiar to fans of the game, voiced by some of the industry's top talent including JB Blanc, Matthew Mercer, and Khaya Fraites. The audio drama series, written by Dan Wells, kicked off on September 29, 2022 when Moonbreaker launched into Early Access on Steam. **The audio drama series is available in English only.

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