Moonbreaker Early Access Update 4: Command and Control

Jump back into Moonbreaker and discover all of the Reaches-shaking changes that have been made since our last update.

Discover additional ways to win – Play with all-new Units, take control with Map Scenarios and Control Points, and customize your Units with a little extra glitz and sparkle in our fourth major Early Access update: Command and Control.


Command Your Crew


Cinder is no longer the only resource to manage when planning your strategy and Rosters.

Leadership is a new resource that is generated by your chosen Captain, and is used to deploy your Crew onto the field.

Some Units can generate Cinder, which is used to power abilities. Alternatively, you can now harvest Cinder directly from the environment. You'll need to plan carefully to maximize your use of both resources to lead your Crew to victory.

Discover New Paths to Victory


Defeating your opponent's Captain is no longer the only way to win in Moonbreaker!

Each map now features different Scenarios, including areas to control, that provide Victory Points. You need to gather 10 Victory Points in total to win a match. Though, you must remain vigilant! Defeating the Captain will grant 10 Victory points to the opposing team.

Plan your moves carefully to take advantage and execute your strategies to their greatest effect!

New Units, Bigger Rosters


We've added a handful of new Smugglers Units to the latest update with some awesome abilities that are sure to shake up the board and keep your rivals on their toes. They are:

  • Turncoat: A four Leadership cost, six health melee Unit. They have the ability to immobilize a rival Crew. On your next turn, gain control of the Unit if still in range.
  • Crash: A six Leadership cost, 10 health melee Unit. With the ability Flux Capacitor, attack ALL touching units, then permanently gain +1 Attack and lose -1 Health.
  • Flurry: A five Leadership cost, 10 health melee Unit. Their passive ability means that when Flurry takes damage, you deal 2 damage to ALL Units (inluding friendly) in range.
  • Noxy: A five Leadership cost, six health ranged Unit. With the passive ability Defend the Swarm, when damaged Noxy will create a Toxoid (max 1). Whenever a Toxoid is destroyed, they gain +1 Attack.
  • Hittenruhn: A three Leadership cost, six health Unit. Whenever they damage their target, Hittenruhn’s passive ability refreshes its move.

In addition, expanded Roster sizes (10 slots) give you even more control over your strategies and the ability to discover unique Unit combinations.

Ship Assists have also been adjusted to a Cargo Run only feature. This provides players with more chances to finesse their game-by-game plans, as well as amp up the unpredictability of Cargo Run.

A Little Extra Sparkle


We've added a few bonus items to the Season Track rewards you can unlock as part of this update!

These bonus rewards include a slick alternate paint job for one of the newest units added to the game, Turncoat, as well as an additional decal pack, profile image, and banner to further customize your Rosters.

But that's not all. You can also get your hands on an opulent palette of glitter paints to really ✨ dazzle ✨ your opponents in battle!

Community At Our Heart


In January, we launched our Experimental branch, giving the community unprecedented access to our day-to-day development. This provided players the opportunity to actively provide feedback, which allowed us to tweak and refine this update while we were developing it. The change to introduce Leadership came directly from the community, and would not have happened without their input and help.

This includes the implementation of an always visible Turn Timer (one of the more popular community suggestions), massively improved match intro and outro screens, and a more thorough, engaging Tutorial.

And we won't stop there…

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We'll see you in the Reaches!

- Moonbreaker Team