Moonbreaker 1.0 is available now

Moonbreaker 1.0 has just landed and is ready to play on Steam for PC and Mac!

Engage in a reimagined single-player experience, Boss Run, play with three new Captains and 12 Crew, take your painting to the next level with new and improved tools, share your paint jobs with other players, and much more.

Aye, aye Captain


Three new Captains have landed in The Reaches with this major update. Hailing from two new cultures – and one of unknown origin – all three will shake up your existing strategies in exciting ways!

  • Feng Huang
    Feng Huang thrives by gaining Attack when no allied Crew are close to her. She can move in, melee attack, attach sticky explosives to multiple targets at once, and use her grapnel to pull herself towards cover, units, or the edges of the battlefield.
  • Saveri 
    Saveri can challenge a rival Crew to a duel where both units attack each other until one of them causes no damage to the other, ending the duel. She can also lunge at a rival unit in clear line-of-sight, damage it, plus deal damage to any unit in a line behind it. She can also Disarm any touching rival unit when it moves away from her.
  • Sol'Aeturn 
    Sol’Aeturn can place a Catalyst on the ground that causes variable damage to the units around it on the following turn. He can temporarily give any unit, and those touching it, Electrified, so if they take an action, they receive damage. Plus, whenever he deals ranged damage with his primary attack, electricity chains to hit other nearby units for damage, too. However, this attack comes at the cost of his reduced accuracy.

Motley Crew


To go with those three exciting Captains are several new Crew, hailing from cultures you already know, and some you're meeting for the first time. Don't underestimate any of the creatures being introduced in this update: they make for formidable foes and allies.

  • Mantli-Tipu
    After deployment, this mother creature instantly spawns Baby Tipus on the map up to your maximum crew limit. She’s a melee unit that can stun any crew, ally or rival, and grant it invulnerability for a turn.
  • Scurials 
    These augmented creatures have the ability to cause chaos by taking control of a rival Crew for a turn, so that unit temporarily functions as your own. Scurials are also Resilient, so while they can’t attack, damage dealt to them is reduced.
  • Aucepeterix
    Aucepterix is an airborne unit with two burning abilities. It deals damage to all units in a selected area, pushes them back, and Burns them. Also, every time Aucepterix moves, it deals damage to all units in its path and Burns them.
  • Ovix 
    Ovix is an armored unit that can charge through any units in a straight-lined path, pushing them back and dealing damage to anyone it has collided with.
  • Turo 
    Turo can conditionally raise the max health of the units he targets, including his own. Max health will go up by an amount equal to the number of units being targeted, but it will be lost upon taking damage. If Turo reaches at least 25 health, the match will be automatically won. Try using Savria’s Shield Barrier on Turo to protect him.
  • Teniza 
    Teniza’s move and attack are refreshed whenever it destroys a rival crew. This opens the potential for a chain of attacks and for the destruction of multiple rival units.
  • Melini
    Any rival unit in clear line of sight of Melini (not obstructed by soft cover, hard cover, or units) have their accuracy reduced. Observe this here by changing Melini’s position.
  • Atoctia 
    Atoctia is a melee unit that can toss a unit behind it, damaging them. This ability may force rival crew into dangerous situations or move them away from objectives. Try tossing Flurry in-between the rivals. If Atoctia is destroyed, it leaves behind a Cinder Pile on the map.
  • Cocoleh
    This mother unit spawns a Young Cocoleh (a separate unit with unique abilities) to a set maximum whenever any Crew, ally or rival, in range of her is destroyed. She can also grant herself and any allied Melee units in range—like her own babies—Firststrike for the turn, meaning targets won’t counterattack a melee strike. Try destroying that injured Scattervine and see what rolls out.
  • Young Cocoleh
    Young Cocoleh is an airborne scavenger that will automatically gain Attack and Health whenever any nearby crew, ally or rival, in its line-of-sight is destroyed.
  • Nenepi
    Nenepi’s ability causes damage to any unit, ally or rival, and that unit will gain Attack power for a limited time. His ability is best used on your own crew with the aid of a healer, especially because the extra Attack stacks. Try using Nenepi’s ability on Antios, Gauntlet with Stitchy McPatchy’s healing assistance.
  • Pahti
    Pahti is an airborne melee unit that can fully heal itself. It gains Attack and Speed after it takes damage, so it could become stronger and could move farther each turn. Damage can come from an ally or rival.

Feel the Rush


An improved single-player experience is also arriving in this update. 

Building on the community-favorite Cargo Run mode, Boss Run replaces and extends the challenge into 10 grueling rounds, each more difficult than the last.

Choose your Captain and their Crew from the existing pool you know and love, as well as the three new Captains introduced with this update, and aim to defeat the gauntlet of challenging opponents – some of them brand new to this mode.

Four new maps have been introduced specifically for Boss Run, with three to nine variations per map:

  • Cholek Plateaus, a lush location surrounded by water and rich foliage.
  • Methedori Broken Outskirts, an arid cavern, flanked by cliffs.
  • Smuggler Sundown, a remote, dusty area, cut through by pipes and abandoned crates.
  • Yi-Aweti Temple Ground, a serene, grassy location, with remnants of rock formations.

As you advance through each round, you will also unlock details about The Reaches and its inhabitants for the Codex, featuring rich and additional lore, insight and much more.

Familiar staples of Cargo Run remain, like Assists and Relics, as well as the ability to recruit new Crew to your cause as you take on each new opponent.

In the end, will you reach success and glory by defeating all 10 Bosses? Or fall on the battlefield. Only time, and the true test of your skills and strategies, will tell!

Fresh Paint


For all of our creative players, looking to customize their Rosters even further, an improved Paint Mode has been introduced. With refreshed UI, and additional tools, it has never been easier to create your dream paint jobs for all of your favorite Units.

Get creative with a variety of Stencils, all found under the Decals section, as well as masking liquid (‘liquid’ you can add to your unit to prevent paint from applying in that area) and masking remover. The possibilities are endless. And, once you've finished your paint jobs, you can now use the share tool to allow others in the community to import and play wearing your amazing creations.

Improvements Abound


From a revised Tutorial, new scenarios for multiplayer, tons of optimizations and bug fixes, UI overhauls, new art, animations, and VFX, Moonbreaker 1.0 is chock-full of improvements to make the 1.0 experience feel polished and complete.

Additionally, some obsolete features have been removed – such as Sparks and Rarity – to simplify the game for all.

Rewards Are Here To Stay

The Rewards track will remain in the game, allowing all players to earn unique cosmetic items to personalize their Moonbreaker experience. From profile icons, crests, decals, banners, paint sets and more, everyone will have the opportunity to earn, and continue to unlock, these rewards.

Death Bot Extilior, a skin which could be earned on the track during Early Access, is now part of an additional, optional Cosmetic Pack DLC.



Thank you once again for all of your incredible support throughout Early Access! We hope that you, and your friends, enjoy the 1.0 update and continue to play Moonbreaker for a long time to come.

We'll see you in The Reaches

- Moonbreaker Team