Moonbreaker Early Access Update 6: Rising the Ranks

The latest update to Moonbreaker Early Access has just landed with tons of new features to explore on your continuing adventure!

Test your mettle against rival Crew with Ranked matches, shake up your Rosters by adding one of many new Yi-Aweti Units, and discover more ways to win and play.

The Yi-Aweti have Arrived


In the last Moonbreaker update, players got their first taste of Yi-Aweti with Captains Xuna and Gardener Xo. Now, several new Crew have arrived to shore up your Rosters.

  • Rebuilder Texo: A three Leadership, seven health small melee Unit. Has one Cinder ability Reinforce Structure: Restore two Health to a damaged Crew. If fully restored, permanently increase its Health by three.   
  • N3wsnce: A two Leadership, seven health small ranged Unit. Is Airborne. When it hits and deals damage, target gains Electrified for a turn.  
  • Motivator Atzi: A three Leadership, eight health small melee Unit. Has two Cinder ability Dig Ground: Greate Cinder Pile at location (max two).
  • Wreti Wrangler Ma: An eight Leadership, six health large Unit. Has four Cinder ability Laser: Deal two damage to all units in a line. Each Unit takes +3 damage for each Wreti it has. And two Cinder ability Wreti Launcher: Give three Wretis from Wreti Wrangler Ma to Units in area.
  • Charger Macoa: A two Leadership, eight health small Unit. Has one Cinder ability Channel Sun: Next turn, all Units in area and line of sight take four damage and gain Disarmed for a turn.
  • Zapper Anenqui: A nine Leadership, 14 health large Unit. Has three Cinder ability Mace Vortex: Pull Units in range towards Zapper Anenqui and deal six damage to them.
  • Captivator Zyanya: A seven Leadership, 12 health large Unit. Has three Cinder ability Capture: Give Captive to target Units in area and line of sight.
  • Cloaker Tozi: A six Leadership, seven health small Unit. Has Cloak: Allies in range have Cloak. Cloaker Tozi can never have Cloak.
  • Salvager Zaca: An eight Leadership, 10 health melee Unit. Has Salvage Crew: When an allied Crew in range would be destroyed, send it to the Bridge and restore three Health to it instead. Has two Cinder ability Electric Charge: Give Crew Charge and Electrified for the turn.
  • Sludgesprayer Inayan: A three Leadership, seven health large melee Unit. Has two Cinder ability Spray Gun: Create Sludge Pile (max three).
  • G.L.I.T.T.E.R.: A five Leadership, eight health small Unit. Has two Cinder ability Serenade: Whenever target Unit takes damage, also heal nearby Units that amount for a turn.

With so much choice, battles against your Rivals will get their biggest shake-up yet!

Yi-Aweti Had a Farm…

Along with all of the incredible Yi-Aweti Crew arriving in the Reaches, a new map is also entering the rotation.


Travel to the Yi-Aweti Farm map, a lush and colorful farmstead with unique architecture, dynamic plants, and interesting new challenges to overcome on your path to victory.

For Glory (and Bragging Rights)

Think you have what it takes to become the best Moonbreaker player in all The Reaches?


Take on the challenge of Ranked Mode and battle against the best-of-the-best as you climb your way to the top.
Each match will contribute to your Rank, and you’ll need to keep facing off against challengers to improve it over time.

Pretty as a Picture
Moonbreaker has never looked so good, with several visual improvements making it into the latest update.


Unit Outlines have been added to make it easier to see your Crew around cover, Volumetric Fog has been introduced for more visual depth, and Line of Sight has been improved to make it easier to see when and where your Crew can attack.
These gameplay readability improvements, including improvements to contrast between maps and Units, should make your entire Moonbreaker experience much smoother.

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We'll see you in The Reaches!
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