"Zax's Story" (EA 1.1) Patch Notes

Hi Moonbreakers,

Our first content patch is now live on Steam! We shared a post yesterday outlining some of the major changes being made to our business model and monetization, but we've been working on a lot more.

First, we’re excited to announce the release of the explosive second episode of the “Tales from the Reaches” audio drama, “Zax's Story,” with this update. Make sure you check it out in-game or on your favorite podcast platform

1. zax_story.png

An all-new Cholek map has also been added, which eagle-eyed players may have already spotted in some of our early promotional material.

2. cholekcity_est.png

In this patch we have also addressed a ton of the feedback received from the community, since launching into Early Access. Two of the major changes going live with this update are an overhaul of Astra, allowing for more counter-play in matches against her, as well as removing some of the randomness during matches.

3. astra_onward.png

For Astra, she has undergone three major changes. Her passive ability, now called “Onward!” means that whenever she destroys a Crew, it will refresh her move. Her one-Cinder cost ability is now called “Grow Cinder.” This ability will create a Cinder Sphere (max 3), which will allow any Captain or Crew to gain one Cinder when touching the Sphere, and then destroy it.

Astra's two-Cinder cost ability “Into the Breach!” has also been adjusted. When used, the next Crew deployed during that turn will gain Charge (may be given orders immediately), but only if their base is touching Astra’s.

4. bridge.png

To address some of the randomness and provide players more agency and control over their strategies, we have also removed Reinforcement and drawing from a pool of your Crew. You will now get all of your Units on your Bridge on your first turn, meaning more potential to plan ahead against your opponent.

5. roster.png

With this change, all Rosters have been adjusted from 10 total Crew to 8, not including your Captain. If you have already created a custom Roster, the last two Units in the Roster list will be automatically removed so that your Rosters remain valid. We recommend checking your previously created Rosters and making adjustments to them where needed!

6. ship_assists.png

Additional balance adjustments have been made to a handful of Units and Ship Assists, which you'll see detailed below in the full changelog.

We can't wait for you to dig in to all of the changes, play on the new Cholek map, and learn much more about Zax!

See you in the Reaches, 
Moonbreaker Team.

Patch Notes EA 1.1

Big Stuff

  • Removed Pulsars  
  • Removed Boosters  
  • Renamed Merits to Sparks   
  • Disabled Store  
  • New Map: Cholek City  
  • Audio Drama Episode 2 (“Zax’s Story”)  
  • Replaced Blanks and Boosters in Season Track with Sparks, Decal Packs, and Profile Images  
  • Increased camera rotation from +-20 degrees to +-60 degrees  
  • Crit chance is now displayed more clearly  


  • Removed concept of reinforcement and “drawing” throughout the game
  • Reduced number of Crew in a roster from 10 to 8. Players start with all their Crew  
    • Existing player-constructed Rosters will have the last 2 units removed to ensure they remain valid
    • Reworked Bridge display for units to improve readability; sorted from low-cost to high-cost     
    • Converted UI for max crew and bridge to a Bridge that shows how many crew are ready to deploy     
  • Reworked Astra to have more counter-play
  • Ranged units always hit close targets (within range 1)  
  • Doubled the effectiveness of soft cover and unit blocking on accuracy 
  • Reduced max crit damage from +3 to +2  
  • Reworked Ship Assists that had no counterplay  
    • Orbital Strike: At the start of your next turn, deal 3 damage to ALL units in area; cooldown lowered from 4 to 3   
    • Cinder Infusion: New Keyword, Infused: Gain +1 Cinder every turn; Give target allied Crew Infused for 3 turns.   
    • Plink: Choose a unit whose health changed this turn. If friendly, restore {0} health. If enemy, deal  {0} damage.   
    • Stowaway*: Change your lowest cost undeployed Crew to a new one that costs +1 more.   
    • Corrosive Particles: Reduced radius from 5 to 2 (83% reduction)   
  • Broken Vengeance: lowered attack from 3 to 2, increased health from 7 to 9 (less offensive, more retaliations)  
  • Switchback: Rapidfire only lasts for 1 turn, slow lasts for 2 turns (counter-attack potential and higher cinder investment)  
  • Torian, Guardian: Decreased attack from 3 to 2 (focus on protection)
  • Peacemaker Balam: Lowered Cinder cost from 4 to 3 (more value)  
  • Detonia: Increased ability range by 12.5% (explosion radius remains the same)
  • Vortex Beam: Range 3, Radius 3

*Stowaway will be temporarily disabled in this update due to a known issue. It will be re-implemented in a future update.

Cargo Run

  • Simplified and improved Boobytrapped Igniters  
  • Disabled Golden Ark (used Reinforcement)  
  • Changed Impact Munitions to push further, and also work for melee units.
  • Added unique models for different types of cargo  

Smaller Stuff

  • Base Game changes:
    • Remove Boosters    
    • Grant players access to ALL units
  • Founders Pack Changes:
    • Remove Pulsars    
    • Give Sparks instead of Blanks    
    • Replace Pulsars with other content (Zax and Slopper Skin)
  • 30+ bug fixes  
  • Korean Rating screen  
  • Added Korean Excessive Use warning   
  • Various log requests and bugs  

Patch Notes EA 1.1.1

This hotfix resolves an issue where players did not receive their Founder's Pack items if they purchased after launching the latest update.

Patch Notes EA 1.1.2

This hotfix addresses the Player 2 disadvantage, reintroduces Stowaway, and provides a small number of bug fixes.


  • Added Second Wind, a Ship Assist designed to offset the Player 2 disadvantage.
    • Second Wind
      • Player 2 only: Gain +2 Cinder. Charges every two turns.
    • Re-enable Stowaway
    • Multiple unit balance adjustments:
      • Maximus health from 6 to 4
      • Taria attack from 2 to 1
      • Blindsider cost from 2 to 3
      • Savria Safeguard cost from 4 to 3
      • Switchback cost from 5 to 6
      • Crosshair cost from 4 to 5

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for units deployable out-of-bounds on Landing Pad
  • Fix for units deployable out-of-bounds on City Plaza
  • Fix for crash on "redo" in paint mode
  • Fix issues with Season Track XP match rewards when at max level (50)